Native American Church of the Morning Star
of the Americas
Native American Church of the Morning Star
of the Americas

The Native American Church of the Morning Star of the Americas has chapters in Minnesota, Texas, New Mexico, and Juarez, Mexico and is in the process of developing a chapter in the Bavarian part of Germany. The Church is recognized in the United States, Mexico and Canada.  Our main objective is to provide an alternative holistic form of worship that will enhance the spiritual, emotional and psychological well being of the participants, their families and the community.  Another major focus is to empower individuals and enhance their understanding of why they are here and who they are as spiritual beings as a catalyst to explore their limitless potential on the earth.  We accomplish this by educating individuals, families, communities and organizations about the significance of the attributes we have in common in a global interdependent world.  Our methodology is ‘nativistic’ and is based in an ancient Mexica/ American Indian tradition that is, at the same time, highly contemporary and extremely applicable in our daily lives.  We take an integrative, multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach that maps out and simply explains the complexities of the natural process of integration of our regional, national and global communities.

This process is but a miniscule effort to provide an inclusive approach to enlighten those individuals willing to challenge themselves in the quest to explore their strengths and weaknesses.  If an initiate is willing to encounter him or herself at the most fundamental level and face their most objectionable characteristics successfully, they will truly understand the meaning of the term introspectiveness. There is no magic, there is no secret, there are no magic wands or week long courses or ceremonies that will turn you into a spiritual warrior or guru. The successes in life can be attained and achieved by knowing yourself in a manner that no one will ever take advantage of you again.

But be aware that this process takes a life time of commitment to yourself, your family, your community and most of all to a Magnificent Creator.  The Navtive American Church of the Morning Star of the Americas is not a Christian organization, but what is in the center of its existence is the existence of Jesus.  The Chief of the Aztecs, Montezuma, made the mistake of welcoming the conquistadores because he believed that Cortez was the man that was prophesied.

Among some tribes it is said that Jesus was called the Four Winds, and in Mexico it was said that he walked the Americas. This statement is not an argument to prove or disprove the existence of Jesus. It is simply a fact that will be evident to those willing to trust themselves in the process of opening up to the Creator, the universe or the cosmic mind. The word is God. He is one with the universe and yet He is separate from it. He is one with us and yet is separate from us. There is a hierarchical order, therefore there is Jesus and those we call the spirits – meaning those that have never been human. Therefore they are not those that are dead. They are not those that are of the lowest entity type that so many depend on in order to manipulate and control others.  And most importantly, they are definitely not, as anthropologists might suggest, “the gods.”

One of my teachers would say, “They come to me and they want to know about the universe, traveling, the spirit world, when they don’t know the first thing about themselves. They want to know about the most powerful things in the universe when they doubt themselves and the existence of God and Jesus.”  I once asked him if we should tell and show others about our ancient beliefs and he replied, “We better because for too long people have thought we have been dealing in hocus pocus.  American Indian medicine is simple, simple as quantum physics.”

The statements above are best understood by the practitioners at a point in their path where they are able to discern and judge for themselves the veracity and value of these words. Much of what will be made available to the participant will depend on where that person is on his or her spiritual level of understanding and comprehension, and how the knowledge is applied in life in terms of themselves. Your life is yours, how you apply or don’t apply the knowledge will depend totally on you.

Remember that when a person is preparing to become a spiritual warrior it means that there is an enemy, beginning with ourselves.  The fight begins from within and when we are prepared it continues outside of ourselves on a daily basis with good and bad consequences.  It is not about how wealthy you can become.  Although wealth is something that comes with blessings and personal awareness in what we do while maintaining our own integrity, honesty, self respect and the highest of ethics.



The Native American Church of the Morning Star of the Americas is a federally recognized nonprofit tax-exempt organization. The Federal Employer Identification number for our 501(c)3 is

Your tax deductible donations, in-kind services, gifts, trusts and vehicles (such as cars, trucks, boats, etc.) will create the opportunity for disadvantaged and privileged children and their families throughout the United States, the Americas, and Europe to experience a multicultural, multidisciplinary, inclusive and holistic approach to learning about themselves and the universe at no set cost to them. 

Your donations will also make it possible for the Church to develop a number of community outreach programs to address domestic abuse and veterans with PTSD, and to provide

  • Training programs for youth from
  17 years to 22 years old,
  • Home-based counseling programs,
  • After school tutoring programs,
  • Employment-relevant training,
  • Programs to enhance political awareness about social issues, and
  • Informational workshops on spirituality and the significance of recognizing the benefits of multiculturalism

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